A great Polish scientist and missionary who unveiled China before Europe

Michał Boym A.D. 2019 -  Bu Mige   - Polish Marco Polo

360th Anniversary of His death during the 100th Anniversary of Poland`s Independence

About the Initiative

The "Michał Boym - Polish Marco Polo AD 2019 Initiative" was set up to commemorate the 360th death anniversary of the 17th-century Polish Jesuit and missionary in China, Father Michał Piotr Boym SJ.
Father Boym, one of the most outstanding Poles, was the last ambassador of the Chinese Ming Dynasty emperor to the Vatican. In addition, he also was a great scholar and one of the founding fathers of modern Western Sinology. In China, his contribution to Chinese-Western relations is commonly considered on an equal footing with Marco Polo`s.

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About Michał Boym

Father Michael Boym, a 17th century Jesuit and a Christian missionary is an outstanding Pole who made a significant contribution to the history of the world being one of the very first people creating bridges of understanding between Western civilization and that of the Far East. In particular, he played an exceptional role in the process of spreading Christian religion in East Asia.

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"Michał Boym AD 2019 - the Polish Marco Polo" Initiative